Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My favorite time of the day, early morning when the kids leave for school and Iqbal sleeps in. It is the time of day that I get caught up in the news, drink my coffee and just sit and relax.

I want to dedicate this page to amount of support I have received from everyone. When I started this blog it was to update friends and family on my health. I also wanted to provide a window to Muslim Women around the world that life goes on with Cancer. With any hardship in life, we turn to family and freinds to get us through. So when I got diagnosed, I wanted to reach out to other women who had gone through the same thing I did. The first person I reached out to was a co-worker who I was friendly with but never really close. I aslo looked up Muslim / Afghan women who had gone through this but found nothing. So I joined the Young Breast support group on-line and read the blogs and comments from the privacy of my home. In the past year, the Young survivor has become my source of information and my co-workers has become a 5th sister. They say people come to your life for a reason that only God has planned for!

So again, thank you for your prayers and support! It means a lot to me.

On the home front, last night I had an "Aha" moment with my son. I cooked his favorite food (Dal) and he got upset and said he doesn't like it. He said I am not a good Afghan cook (so many critics). For the last week this kid has been acting up. He has been screaming and crying over everything. I swear there must have been a full moon somewhere for him to be acting like this. It finally hit me that he is upset over my surgery because last night he asked how long I will be in the hospital. We know kids cannot talk out their emotions so they act up. Later at night I talked to him and told him he hurt my feelings because I was thinking about him at 3pm and cooked his favorite food. He said he liked it but would rather have been asked what he wants (so I named all his favorite foods and told him I knew him better then he knew himself). He laughed and said I was right - we called it a nite. Today is Nina's day but off course the controlling girl that she is, she left me a note that she wants Hot Dogs with pudding for dinner on her nite.

As for my big day -- I am starting to get nervous and excited about Thursday. I spoke to my girlfriend about her surgery and she told me the first week home will be tough. I went to the medical supply store and put the hospital bed on hold. If my insurance will not pay for it, I can rent it for $150 a month. For the first three weeks they are telling me I will have trouble getting up from a flat bed. I need to go grocery shopping today to stock up the fridge, pack my hospital bag and vacuum this living room that never gets clean.


  1. hi, Khala jan,
    hope u get better soon, I pray for u. u know my mother has breast cancer and she is fighting with about two years. now she is ok so don't worry about. I know chemoteraphy and radiotheraphy are difficult but it will help you.

  2. Khala-jan, I want to thank you too because you're giving to me that strenght wich i need and wich no one else, even "closer" to me than you, is giving to me.
    Often many people have a great treasure of love by their side but they don't realize it and let it go away or let it alone to think of something else...they should think that it would be enough even only a few lovely words, a little love, a little care, a little thought...only a little to not lose it
    then when that treasure is lost they realize how much was precious..
    but it's too late then..
    anyway, sorry for my "outburst" but i think that you can get what i mean
    You are powerful, remember it and i'm with you


  3. My dearest Sister Khala jan,
    You are a brave amazing personality and a great mother. Trust in Allah, every thing will be ok. Keep on fighting. Besides your medical cure, try it mentally, by believing in your cure prozess, practicing smooth movements like Yoga and Tai Chi with controlling your breath. Say to yourself that you will be cured, believe in it, and feel it with every cell of your body.
    Close your eyes and listen to the prayers and good wishes of your friends and your afghan sisters and brothers and feel it with your heart. You will be fine soon! You will be fine soon!!! Enshaalah! Allah bless us all!

  4. Hi,
    You are such a wonderful woman.
    Be sure god will help you, because you are such a sweet and kind woman. I wish I could help you too.
    But i have no worries, cuz you family is with you and the most important God is with you.

  5. Hi Khale jan,
    Dont worry at all my mother had cancer too. she is ok now the only way you can help your self is being patient and hopefull. Im sure U are gonna be allright soon.
    look at it as an exam ure gonna make it.
    we all pray for you :)

  6. I'll pray for you in Nowruz. Do you celebrate it?
    Think about spring which comes in just couple days and will bring lots of good things for you
    including health. you are not alone

  7. Khale jan,

    It is not long since I know about your weblog, but I have learned a lot from it. You have such a strong personality...
    I myself have been through a lot during the last year. Life is full of surprises... :)
    I am sure you'll be fine soon.

  8. salam khale jan
    man mitonam komaket konam t salem shi
    be sorate raygan
    man iranam


  9. that will pass and you will be happy that iyou are healthy again.

  10. سورۀ آل عمران، آيۀ 37، جملۀ آخر...

    "هركس بخواهد، خداوند بي حساب به او روزي مي‌دهد."

  11. salam khaleh jan
    shoma ensane ghodratmandi hastid ke shahamat darid dar morede ehsasateton benevisid motmaenam ke mitonid az in marhaleh be khobi begzarid vaghat bayad eiman va omidvar bod. midonam khandane in webloge mitoneh komaketon koneh.
    baraton arezoye salamati mikonam.

  12. I admire you for being so strong and I pray for you to get better. I know people who got cancer and fought against it and now they are living a normal life. I am sure you are one of them.

  13. دوستی دارم که سرطان ریه دارد. سالهاست که از زمان مرگش میگذرد. زمانی که دکترها تعیین کرده بودند و اون هنوز زنده است تازگی ها ازدواج هم کرد
    دکترها خوبند اما قدرت روح بشر را همیشه دست کم می گیرند

  14. خاله جان يادت باشه عشق ميتونه هر كاري بكنه و در اين ميان عشق به زندگي عشق به زمين ميتونه واقعا تو رو نجات بده
    لطفا عاشق باش عاشق هر چي كه ميبيني و به تنها چيزي كه نبايد فكر كني همين بيماريه

  15. سلام
    خاله جان
    می‌خواستم بگم آقای دکتر عالیشاهی در وین یک دستگاه ساخته که سرطان را درمان می‌کنه آدرس سایت و یک فیلم از سمیناری که تازه در ایران داشته برات فرستادم
    باهاش تماس بگیر همه ازش نتیجه گرفتن تا حالا
    این یک کار علمی‌ زیر نظر دولت اتریش است کاملا تایید شده از طرف دولت اتریش
    با میل یا تلفن خود دکتر تماس بگیر بهت جواب میده
    امیدوارم نتیجه بگیری
    من خودم ۲ بچه کوچیک دارم نگرانی تو رو میفهمم
    دعا می‌کنم نتیجه بگیری

    قربانت مریم



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  17. Salam Khaleh

    This is Ali. I'm sure every thing will be all right even more than that you can imagine. I always pray for you. Please be positive, God definitely helps and supports you. Best wishes for you and your family. God bless you.

  18. Salam Khalajan,

    I came across this blog by chance.
    I adore you as a strong person who is devoting herself to her family all the time.
    I pray for you and hope you feel better very soon so that you can enjoy your time without any burden.
    I want you to know that we all support you and wish you the best of the best in the coming future.

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    khahi deed ke rast behet goftam . khabare khoshe salamateeto khodet az tareeghe in mail midi be man : mehrpa@yahoo.com

    setarat kheyli be donya bagheest !!! ino motmaen bash ! . arash

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  21. سلام
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