Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going Crazy at home -- I feel like a caged bird

Today is 1 week after my reconstructive surgery. I feel much better, still sharp pains here and there but nothing like that first time in the hospital when they try to get me to sit on a chair......OMG. I am soo bored sitting at home and nothing to do....what do women do all day at home? I cannot go anywhere...between naps, pain medicine I am bored out of my mind!

I came home with four drains. The two drains on top is not draining as much and the Dr may take them out tomorrow. I have a gutt feeling the one on the bottom may stay for another week or so. They hurt when it gets pulled. The best part of the day is when I walk upstairs and take a shower. My grandmother is freaking out because in our culture they don't wet the wounds where the American Doctors wants you to take a shower everyday. So far so good, my first doctor visit is tomorrow to make sure everything is healing the way it should.

On the home front, my mom and sister come every morning to stay with me, they cook for me, clean and just entertain me (off course take my medicine, take my walk around the house, eat, drink). At night Iqbal slept downstairs with me the first night. The second night, Sami slept with me the second night and at 2am he woke up to make sure I was okay. Last night was Nina's turn. At 3am she stood by my bed and said "mommy, mommy can you get up and turn on the light so I can go to the bathroom". My little nurse was too scared to go to the bathroom in the dark....of course dad heard and he ran downstairs to make sure his girls were okay.

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  1. khala jan salam.
    Thank God that you feel bether. we all pray for you including my families and freinds.

    A member of my family had the same prpblem like you. we know how you feel. but thank God that you live in Amirica with one of the best medical care.

    wish you a healthy life khala jan