Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Life

Hello Blog World:

I know it has been a long time but a lot has happened. First, I left Coca-Cola because I had enough of the treatment. Deep inside, the people who treated me wrong, will get their day. I can wait.

I accepted a great job with a great company, where I can showcase my talent and explore new ideas and move on.

Family life is good, except the husband job is not looking soo lucrative anymore and the stress of begin the sole bread winner is taking a toll. I am trying to make sure he doesn't feel bad that his wife is supporting him but I am sure he feels it.

Health wise -- doing great! No sign of the big C after two years. The hair came in great! the Boobs look good (minus the scars)! I have been super sensitive in what I put in my mouth or what my kids eat (no more can foods in my house).

For me -- I got myself a great new BMW to celebrate my Birthday! Felt good to pay cash for a car and not take a loan! The next goal is to pay off the house.