Sunday, March 29, 2009

I have no Title

Salaam all:

It has been a few days since I wrote but that's only because I am so bored I do not know what to write. My days are pretty boring. Wake up at 8:30, the hubby makes me eggs and coffee. I eat, take my medicine, watch tv, surf the net, walk around the house and get back into bed. Around 12noon, I go upstairs, take a shower - scrub (yes Hamid...scrub) the wounds, put cream on it and get changed into clean clothes. I come back downstairs, have some Green chia -- by this time moore or Hamid have arrived and we chat on who called, any family updates, bla, bla, bla.... so you can see how great my life is. I had a scare last night, I had some chest pains but didn't think much of it. My sisters bullied me to go the hospital telling me that I should take something seriously. When the tech told me that it might be a blood clot, N started to cry.....which scared me. N is an ER nurse and if she is crying over a possible blood cloth, why wasn't I take it seriously. So I decided at the moment I should take everything a little serous....I cannot be that lucky! After four hours in the ER, many blood work, CT scans the doctor came in and told me that it is not a blood clot but part of my surgery....THANK GOD. The SMS messages went out to all the family members..."false alarm". When I got home, Iqbal ordered me to bed and told me I am not allowed to get up, I had never seen him so mad. Rarely does he pull the husband card but he pulled it last night.

I do have a few things to report. One I noticed that my blog and my posts on Young Cancer survivor has given people courage to ask for help and ask me questions. I really want to change the Afghan mentality on how Cancer is viewed. This is a curable (in some cases), we should talk about it, we should ask for help, we should have a support system for us.....this should not be a death sentence! Dam it I am living proof that I can live life, kick my cancer in the ass and still have a great attitude toward life. I just found out that a family friend was rushed back from Afghanistan because she has Leukemia. In Afghanistan they told her she just had a bad cold, but when they brought her to the US, they said she Leukemia and was taken the hospital :(. Please, please pray for her. She is a newly wed who was educated in the US but decided to live in Afghanistan with her new Husband. She is only 21 years old. Secondly, I decided and convinced my parents that I do not want a Lavish 'get well" party at a hall. A few reason for my decision, the amount of messages from this blog made me realize how many misfortune people are living in Afghanistan and could benefit from the money I would spent on overfed, overdressed Afghans living here in the US. Secondly, I am afraid of "nazar" from the people who come to the party.

As soon as I am able, Iqbal and I are going to Haj and then I would like to visit Afghanistan and see if I can help cancer patients there......I feel a higher calling. I need help in opening a non-profit agency to help me....WE NEED TO EDUCATE, Screen and fund our people! the family members who left me get well messages "thank you, I will call you as soon as I get a chance" Love you and thank you for thinking of me!


  1. It is very nice to hear you are feeling better now and are talking about future, hope and plans, not just for yours, but for others, the cancer patients, the Afghan patients. It is very good.
    I hope you get well soon, and when you get to Macca-e-Sharif with Iqbal jan, pray for all of us, for the world and especially for Afghanistan.

  2. salam ,khalajan,
    u know i have it too i had very aims for my future im just 20 i wanted to continue my education i wanted to mary and....
    but i dont have any hope and aim any more
    but when i read ur post i thought may i can live like u with some hope any way if u get to macca plz pray 4 me too inshalah ke khoda doai shoma ra ghabul kona .

  3. You do have hope.....what type of cancer do you have? There is hope, you will live -- get yourself to a hospital. They have great medicine to shrink the tumors with Chemo! Get yourself to Pakistan, India, Iran and get the help. There are charity, military hospitals there that can help you. You always have hope.

  4. Hi,

    I am back after few days and feel happy to know that you feel much better now. Though hearing the other news (sickness of the young girl) made me sad, yet I still feel happy for you.

    I am sure that you know very well that when you arrive Macca, you have to pray all sick persons (disregarding of their nationality or religion).