Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still feeling down but not as hard on myself!

I don't know if it is the rain or the pain killer but my mood is as black as the clouds over my house.

After reading my post last night, I gave myself a break.....I am not a bad mom! I was just having a down moment. If you ask Sami he will tell you I am a smart mom who cannot do math. He thinks I should run for presidency! If you ask Nina she will tell you I am a "lovely mom" who cannot cook. She tells me Moorika (my mom) is a better cook then me but she ate those hamburgers I cooked last night and said they were good. She let me curl her hair for school today.

So for all the moms out there, I guess it is okay / normal to have a dark moment about what terrible people we are. In my case, it keeps me humble because if I thought I was perfect, no one would want to be near me. I am far from perfect as you can see from yesterday's post!

Today is big TAX day here in the US. We sent our final tax papers today to make sure Uncle Sam won't think we are late. I feel sorry for all those people who waited to the last minute and then wait in line at the post office until Midnight -- WHY? you have 3 months to get them done. Most companies give out their W2s by Mid January and all taxes need to be done by 4/15.

Finally -- when will this cold, wet rain stop. It is the middle of April, we should have great weather with the sun on our face!!

AS for my cause to open Cancer Clinic in Afghanistan -- no one and I mean no one has responded to all those letters, emails I wrote!

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