Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am a bad mom!

I must be the most terrible mother of all time for wanting some peace and quit from her own kids. The kids were driving me crazy being home all week for Easter break. Sami played Video games all week and ate when I asked to give his eyes a break. I couldn't feed the kid enough. Nina's favorite words were "I am bored" and when she would get really bored, she would pick on her brother and then it would end up in a fight......my head hurts thinking about them fighting.

This morning I realized that I am bad mom, here is my top 10 reasons why I am bad mom (I am sure my husband, mom and sister have more to add):

1. The laundry sits in the dryer for a few days
2. I don't Iron ever (unless we are going somewhere). I go out of my way to buy clothes that do not need ironing
3. I am not a good cook,I can cook the basic Afghan food but my kids will not eat it so I just don't cook. Canned Ravioli, Cup a Noodle, Mac and cheese are basic :(
4. I let them eat cake and pop tarts for breakfast
5. I clean the house during two times (if someone is coming over or I am PMSing)
6. I do not enforce teeth brushing
7. I let them watch tv all the time (the computer and games are limited)
8. I don't brush my daughters hair when I know she needs to
9. I don't enforce they clean their room -- I am not teaching them responsibility
10. I don't read to them every night :(

This is really depressing, I should be more healthy with my kids. These kids are going to be the adults of tomorrow and I am installing some bad habits. I normally don't let these things bother me but today it is. Maybe this rain is getting me down or the fact that I have been home with nothing to do for over four weeks!

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    It is kind of confusing!
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