Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am a free woman!

Finally, the last drain has been removed (2 1/2 week after surgery). I did have to threaten the nurse to take them out! I still have a hard time getting off the bed. Yesterday I layed on the couch but couldn't get up, so Sami had to help me. I can walk around the development (slowly and out of breath but I manage to finish the 1 mile walk).

After the drain removal, I went out to lunch with my sisters, at first it was Hamida and Sarah but somehow Manny and Naj showed up too. It was a nice lunch, for the first time all five of us together without the kids and talked like adult (as adults as we can be). We tried to solve the world problems but it didn't happen!

Last night Iqbal and I wanted to watch a movie, so he goes upstairs around 8:40 to talk to the kids and tuck them in and comes downstairs around 9pm to put the movie on -- I was out snoring! It seems my energy level is over by 8:30....I cannot be that old! Who goes to bed at 9pm (what happen to the girl who could party until 4am and then go to class at 8am?). He keeps reminding me that we are old and I need to accept it (NEVER!)

A few days ago, I sent him grocery shopping. I told him we need eggs and fruit. He came home and told me that he didn't know how to buy eggs. He had to ask a woman at the store for help to choose eggs. He told her his wife is sick and he needs to bring home eggs. He explained to her that it was his first time shopping ever! The lady helped him pick eggs and help him shop. I told him I pick the cheapest kind. He has been a great husband. On Friday the good husband drew a line in the sand! He told me that as soon as the drains were out and I can drive - his duty as a husband are over and he will become the Pashtoon man he is! No more coffee and breakfast in bed. No more putting the laundry in the laundry machine! What am I going to do (a girl gets use to this type of stuff....I may need to be sick for a little longer). :)

To help my cause, I tried to write to all these foundations to help me open a cancer center in Afghanistan but still no one has responded. I am going to continue to try.


  1. Khala Jan!

    I recommend you to make a proposal for them. Give them the theme and your main goal idea. There are lots of health centers Afghanistan and i am sure there is one about cancer in Kabul already.
    Try to give the summary of your goal to them and follow the 5Ws which help you to articulate your goal.


  2. By the way, try to change the posts on your main page. Go to the sitting and make it 7 or 10. This would help your readers to read your previous posts.

  3. also see these


  4. I have been following Farrah's health for some time. I was a big fan as Charlie Angles was my favorite show when we came to the US in the early 80's.

    What do you mean "5W"? How is Duke coming along? did you read my recommendation of going to Virgina and NY while you are here?