Monday, May 4, 2009

Saying Good bye to a friend

Today I say good bye to my friend Karen Graham. When I posted on 4/25 that I had just saw her and admired her strength, I didn't realize I had to say good bye to her this soon.

Her passing is hitting me like a ton of bricks! Part sad because I lost a good friend. Part because she lost her battle to Cancer and she considered herself a Breast Cancer Survivor for the past five years. She was the strongest, toughest woman I had come across.

I am scared this is my fate but as my sister and husband has told me that as Muslim my death is destined and will go when it is my time. I know that is easy to say but when you are faced with mortality as I have it gets scary. I am not scare of dieing, I am sad that I will not see my kids grow up. I am sad that Karen wanted to dance at her grandchildren's wedding and now she won't.

They say people come into your life for a reason, I know why she came into my life.


  1. Salaam,
    May Allah bless her.
    It is very hard to lose a friend, especially a good one.
    By the way you can read my english articles in this site:
    Told that because you had said you can't read my farsi articles on my blog.

  2. Be strong as you have been till now. we are muslimes and according to our believes death id not the end of life. death is like a bridge to go to another world near the God. an also we belive that just God knows the exact time of this spritual transfer. As your bigger brother i suggest to pray peacfully and reed Holy qoran more. Our God is very beneficent and mercifull/

  3. Humans don't stay in this world for long time. We all should leave it in some way. You should be strong, and you will see your kids grow up. The only required thing is to keep up hope.

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